Alab - The Hydropower Workbench 

Alab is a program for hydraulic design of power plants with dams, brook intakes, surge chambers, air cushions and tunnels including power station with turbines, generators, transformers and governors.

Hydro-mechanical items as gates, trash racks and valves are available for installation in the waterway.  The turbine-designing module offers Francis, Mini Francis, Kaplan, Bulb, Pelton, Twin Pelton and Reversible Pump-turbines for installation in the power station.
Alab simulates operation of the power plant, steady state or dynamic, generating or pumping.
Stability is considered.

The complete hydropower package

A windows-program for equipment suppliers,
consultants, students and hydropower companies.
Combines civil engineering, hydro-mechanical
engineering and electro-mechanical engineering.
Increases general hydropower competence
and improves knowledge about own installations,
systems and products.
Power production in GWh, and in actual currency is calculated.
Easy accessible methods are available for defining all civil work-,
electromechanical-,hydromechanical- and hydraulic- items
normally present in a hydropower plant.

Alab Acuity

Acuity is our community site with complete documentation, support and program updates. Also containing specific Alab, and general hydropower, insight. Access from the top left link on the page, or here.


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