Plant operation simulation

Tools to overview plant losses are available on the <Power station> menu bar.
<Power station > is opened from the <Workbench> menu. Alab calculates flow for all plant elements depending on speed, stroke, opening and other properties of the involved elements. Changing stroke for one turbine or valve will influence the flow for all elements in the waterway. The <Power station> can be operated in a steady state or dynamic mode and handle as a maximum ten units. With many units will the calculating process be slow.

Calculation of plant efficiency curves and optimal load sharing will take long time with many units in operation.

Demo_plant in operation with power output 14 MW.

Screenshot; powerstation (plant performance), Agg_1 and Agg_2

The <Power station> has control panels for unit operation. As start, stop, mode selection (pumping or generating) and stroke. The stroke can be stepped by pressing +- buttons or jump to a new value typed in the stroke textbox.
The buttons <Turbine properties>, <Generator properties> or <Transformer properties> will opens <Turbine designer>, <Generator editor> or <Transformer editor>. 
These buttons will change function if <Dynamic mode> is selected. See below.From the menu bar control panels for all installed valves and gates may be opened.