Alab is designed for:

Using created turbine units:

A turbine unit includes generator and transformer

The program does a practically complete hydraulic dimensioning of turbines and waterway. The turbine parts surrounded by water e.g. stay vane, guide vane and runner blades are also mechanically dimensioned, although by simple methods. The program presents the turbine losses in details. Losses due to guide vane clearances are, for example, calculated based on deformation of cover and ring, elongation of stay vane and clearance in "dry" state combined with actual roughness in the clearance.

Simulation is carried out by controlling turbines servo stroke. Simulation can be performed as steady state- or dynamic operation. Load rejection, load pick up or reduction gives information about speed and pressures related to the turbines but also levels, pressures and flow variations throughout the whole plant. If governor is activated stability may be checked. In case of steady state operation with waterway losses and local pressures for all plant items are calculated in addition to turbine flow, power output, efficiencies and plant efficiency.

Losses dimension dependency is taken care of by always using actual local velocities, roughness and Reynolds numbers. This means that Alab offers the possibility to view the efficiencies for both prototype and model.
The program deals with design- and as built versions of the turbines.
The waterways with dams, tunnels, power station etc. are created by the aid of a drag-drop technique.
An editing program assists in generator and transformer definition.
The program is a normal Windows-program. Source code is C++.