Bergsfjord HEPP. Nord-Troms Kraftlag.

Nominal data.
Power    1.15  MW.
Head         85 m.
Speed    1000 rpm.

Even if Bergsfjord HEPP may be classified as a mini hydro power plant a full-feathered plant is specified.
Bergsfjord is a small outskirt coast community in Northern Norway. A single weather exposed transmission line is the electricity source in addition to the plant.  In case of line failure and blackout the power-station will be started without external power and is able to pick up load from the existing grid segments. One of them is representing more than 30% of total capacity.  In that case, due to the rather long penstock a temporary "brownout" has to be accepted.

The specification states stable operation for loads less than 800 kW.
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Ready for commisioning tests.

The turbine operates without surging from idling to full load. No load restrictions except for normal stroke limit.

Alab Bergsfjord 004

Alab Bergsfjord calculated values

Alab Bergsfjord measured values

The installed governor and Alab governor- and voltage parameters are not exactly equal. Anticipated pressure wave velocity in penstock may also  differ from the actual velocity. Normal load variation is less than the load drop demonstrated above.

Commisioned January 2007.

From design to casting

Alab Bergsfjord 012

Alab Bergsfjord 010

Alab Bergsfjord runner

Alab Bergsfjord assembly

Alab Bergsfjord design

The Alab-Leffel turbine

Alab Bergsfjord Leffel turbine